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About Us

What this site is about

This site is for people to discuss the pride they have in their birth gender.  It is NOT intended to be a hate forum.  People that identify with their birth gender should not be made to feel inferior or shamed for belief in stereotypical male and female roles in society.

I am new to web development so please be patient.

My intention is to host a forum where men can speak as men and women can speak as women and not be accused of hate crimes for their opinions.

Ex: I can say you are a queer for riding a jap bike and you can reply I only like American made bikes because I have a small penis.

I am PROUDLY American and intend to sell merchandise thru this site. Where possible only American made merchandise will be sold.

Every attempt will be made to insure products are made in America by Americans.  I did use a local printer that came highly recommended by a friend for the first batch of T-shirts and they are not American made but are a high quality Gildan shirt made in Haiti.


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